Author Jonathan Bluestein is now accepting invitations for international seminars. Those who are interested in learning real, traditional Chinese martial traditions, are welcome to contact him.


Shifu Bluestein teaches Xing Yi Quan and Pigua Zhang, and associated weapons:  short stick (bian gun), medium staff (gun), big spear (da qiang), and longsword (miao dao). Also key to his gong fu and teachings are various Nei Gong methods and many forms of Zhan Zhuang. 


It is possible to request a seminar on any of the arts and subjects specified above, with an emphasis on either the martial aspects, health benefits, or both. It is preferable to consult shifu Bluestein on the matter in order to create a tutoring plan that best suits your individual needs. 


Shifu Bluestein is an open and approachable individual. His teachings are traditional, yet his attitude to martial arts instruction is novel and modern. He dislikes the notion of keeping secrects in the martial arts, and is happy to share to the fullest extent all that he knows with those willing and capable.


Because shifu Bluestein is a full-time martial arts teacher, his arts and teachings are tested on a daily basis. He spends anywhere from 4-5 hours a day training, not including his class schedule. Beyond teaching, Jonathan enjoys reading, writing (books, articles and poetry), gardening, cooking and researching Jungian personality psychology and other human beings. He has earned two bachelor degrees, in Law and Government Studies, from the prestigious IDC Herzliya institue. He is also the author of three books on the martial arts:  Research of Martial Arts, The Martial Arts Teacher and Spikey: Your Edge in Self-Defense. To view shifu Bluestein's complete martial arts lineage, click here.

Skill is acquired through continuous practice, sophistication & depth (are achieved) by giving thought to it


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