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Throughout my years of reading many manuscripts on the martial arts, this is the one publication that caused me to stand attention and deeply reflect on the contents thereof, providing me with a higher perspective.



Renshi Andries Douglas 

5th Dan, Shorin-ryu Karate

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"Research of Martial Arts is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the otherwise stale world of martial arts literature... If you were to only read one book on martial arts this year, Research of Martial Arts would be an excellent choice". 

- David Tringali, teacher of Long Fist, Tai Chi and Bagua




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"...I found this book full of knowledge that is essential for any martial artist, and definately worth buying a copy of. It was my pleasure to read and review this book as I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it..."

- Rob Galbraith sensei, United Martial Arts JuJutsu


"The book is very informative even for the beginner. But from my personal experience it unfolds its full potential for the intermediate or advanced practitioner who has the ability to draw parallels, make connections and conclusions and wants profound literature to broaden his/her horizon. Certainly a great book to read and have around to consult!"

- Tammo Trantow, Aikido teacher


"A great book by Jonathan Bluestein. A must for the serious martial artist."

- Hanshi Rony Kluger, 8th Dan Goju-ryu

Founder of Karate Do International. 50+ years in the martial arts.


"To call this work "epic" would be understated. What Jonathan has done is really quite unique - and that is put down what appears to be his life's study into external and internal martial arts styles into book form. If anything, it shows the depth and breadth of Jonathan's knowledge...  For now, "Research of Martial Arts" is a mammoth achievement that contains a large body of knowledge particularly relevant to internal martial arts students. Those of us who dabble in both external and internal martial arts styles will also find it informative. With its detailed descriptions and generous illustrations, Jonathan Bluestein should be commended on a very impressive achievement."

- Dan Djurdjevic, martial arts teacher, author and blogger

Teacher of Xing Yi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Taiji Quan. Disciple of Chen Yun Ching (son of Chen Panling). 35+ years in the martial arts.

Skill is acquired through continuous practice, sophistication & depth (are achieved) by giving thought to it


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