As veteran martial artists know all too well, quality weapons, especially those which are custom-made, are hard to come by. Most weapons out there are mass-produced, sub-par, and rarely meet the specific and unique requirements of practitioners and styles. For many years, I have searched for a proper maker of wooden weapons. I have purchased such weapons from quite a few such establishements, all USA hand-made workshops. My favourite by far has always been Blizniak's Bokken. 

Dan Blizniak, the owner and chief craftsman at this fine workshop, is an artist of the highest caliber. These days, his business stands at the forefront of the custom weapons market, with unparalleled professionalism and product selection. His website enables one to choose among a few dozen strains of lumber for the production of each weapon, and up to three types may be combined in the same piece! Many weapons can be made likewise:  Japanese swords, knives and staffs of all lenghts, Chinese Jian, Dao and Baat Cham Dao, a Kukri, Bolo and even an Okinawan Kama - all may be brilliantly crafted according to the customer's wishes and specifications. On top of that, Blizniak's Bokken offers very useful education for potential customers on the various wood types and their unique qualities and properties. 

As a best-selling author and teacher of the traditional Chinese martial arts I, Jonathan Bluestein, stand behind Mr. Blizniak's excellent work and attest to the quality of his weapons, which I personally use on a weekly basis. I have approached him of my own volition and offered him this free advertisement on my website out of appreciation for his business and skills. Mr. Blizniak was kind enough to offer any of my visitors a 15% discount for his products. 

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