Jonathan Bluestein's

The Martial Arts Teacher

The teaching of martial arts can be one of the noblest professions, but bears with it some of the most unique and surprising challenges imaginable. In this special book, best-selling author shifu Jonathan Bluestein reveals in great detail the manner in which this wonderful occupation and life-mission may be carried out with great success and joy. Written for martial arts teachers of any style, practicing or aspiring, this exceptional work is guaranteed to provide you with solid and easily applicable life-changing advice. With this exceptional book, be the best that you can become!

Perhaps you are interested in this book so you could make more money from your martial arts teachings. Then it seems you have the wrong book in mind. Surely, this book can aid in you becoming more financially successful. That is not the main point of it, though. This book is about helping you, a fellow colleague, be a better version of yourself, in both your professional sphere and as a human being. The world of martial arts is big enough for everybody. I want people such as yourself to be better. I want our entire society of martial artists, as a whole, to become better. This is not rooted in financial success, but in education.       

Benjamin Franklin, in his excellent essay ‘The Way to Wealth’, brought up the issue of people’s complaint’s over high taxation. He then commented wisely, that aside from that problem of high taxes, we are in fact “taxed twice as much by our idleness, three times as much by our pride, and four times as much by our folly”. By so saying, Franklin was keenly observant that the greatest obstacles to financial achievements and accomplishments in one’s life are usually not found in external causes, but in lack of cultivation of one’s Self. Indeed, when our Ego is unruly, and we allow trifle matters and unworthy people to be rulers upon our emotional kingdom, then how can success be spoken of?       

In line with this type of thinking, the book which is here before you shall focus on the art of self-cultivation, the healthy maintenance of human relationships and the requirements for leading a prosperous community of industrious individuals; all of this, in light of the unique challenges and attributes of our distinguished profession, of the martial arts teacher. 

Unlike my well-known best-seller Research of Martial Arts, this book is mostly not heavy on science, philosophy, history and theory. It is a light and easy read, meant to hone your skills quickly and do so within moments of reading each chapter. Every single part of this book is applicable to nearly all styles of martial arts and their teachings. In it you will find countless novel approaches and ideas which are not commonly discussed or addressed in other works – I guarantee you that.

This book is an honest conversation, from one martial arts teacher to another. Although it may appear like a monologue, I do urge you – talk to me through the text. Ask questions and debate what is written here. After all, much of this can affect your teachings, so you need to be sure that it will work well for you. I trust though that this book will serve you, the martial arts teacher, very well.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: Be the change you want to see in the world.


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Skill is acquired through continuous practice, sophistication & depth (are achieved) by giving thought to it


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