I, Shifu Jonathan Bluestein, am proud to endorse Middle Kingdom Fashion - a veteran supplier of Chinese Clothing. The company sells ancient Chinese garments, such as Ming Dynasty Han Fu and Qing Dynasty Tang Zhuang, as well as countless contemporary designs inspired by older traditions. 


Many of the clothing items in traditional Asian martial arts were directly inspired by the time-honoured designs offered by Middle Kingdom Fashion. What are often considered traditional Chinese martial arts uniforms are most commonly the fashion of the Chinese Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). The traditional Gi of the Japanese Judo, Karate, Aikido, Iaido, Koryu schools and more, are based on older Japanese designs, which were themselves often inspired by the Ming Dynasty attire (1368–1644), known as Han Fu. Nowadays, both Ming and Qing dynasty clothing items are back in fashion, and people worldwide, not just in China, proudly wear them in daily life and martial practice alike.


These traditional designs, beyond their brilliant aesthethic appeal, are different to many modern clothes primarily in that they are loose and airy rather than tight and snug, and do not utilize synthethic fabrics (if produced according to standard). These clothes maintain body heat, or keep the body cool, by allowing the body to regulate itself, wrapping it with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool and silk. Furthermore, their modular designs are often available in versions suitable to different seasons. 


Anyone who had previously tried to purchase good quality clothing as such knows that it can be difficult to locate a truly honest supplier, who will provide superior products for a decent price. This is why I rejoiced when, after years of trial and error, I finally stumbled upon Middle Kingdom Fashion, with  whom things clicked immediately. Their kind representatives, fluent in English, were very kind and forthcoming, and when their products arrived, of each and every design I had to admit it was of the finest quality I have had the pleasure of wearing. Since then, I have been ordering Chinese clothing items exclusively from Middle Kingdom Fashion. My dedicated students wear their shirts in the martial arts classes I teach, and they have stood the test of rigorous training. I applaud their worksmanship and professionalism. 

Since the owners of  Middle Kingdom Fashion and myself are on very good terms, I offerd to pay my respects by endorsing their business here, on my website.


In return, they have provided a special 5% discount on all products for anyone interested!  


To receive the discount, simply mention that you learned of their store from Jonathan Bluestein when making an order. The  discount is guaranteed!

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